Maya 8 animations "explode"

Hi, i’m just wondering if anyone has had any issue with their animations “exploding” after exporting to egg.

What happens is some of the mesh bound to certain bones is being moved/transformed more than it should be, almost as if the viewer is overcompensating for it or something. If you’ve used maya, it’s the same effect you get when you try to parent a node under another, then apply transforms to both at the same time.

Even though my animation rig may not use the best practices, it looks fine in maya. Is there anything behind the scenes that changes on export that could be doing this?

A better question is, “is there anything unusual about your rig that the converter might have overlooked?”

What you’re describing is the sort of thing you get whenever any little thing goes wrong: a transform at the root of your skeleton, for instance, but not present on the animation channels; or a mismatched hierarchy between skeleton and animation; or any number of other problems. If it plays well in Maya, it’s arguably a bug in the converter; but Maya is a big program and supports lots of crazy things that the converter doesn’t necessarily understand.

Try simplifying or standardizing.


Ok, that’s kind of what i was expecting.

I am using MatchBox (Link) to mirror the animation, so I’m gussing this could be messing with the exporter. I’ll test it without using the script and post the results. Has anyone else tried using matchbox?