Maya 2012 support?

forgive me for two more silly questions:

  • is Panda on Windows only 32-bit or can it be built for 64b-bit? (I’ve only compiled it on Mac and Linux. Actually I’ve only ever compiled anything on Mac and Unix. Since like 1993 anyway…)

  • we have panda 1.7.2 installed. can I take maya2egg2012 from the daily build and run it against that panda or do we have to install the whole snapshot build?

Currently, we only provide a 32-bit build for Panda on Windows, but it is possible to build a 64-bit version. The biggest obstacle is in the thirdparty directory; you’ll need to get 64-bit versions of all of the third-party libraries you care about.

You probably won’t be able to mix-and-match libraries from the 1.7.2 version and the 1.8.x (buildbot) version. They’re not intended to remain binary-compatible.


You could build a bare bones 64 bit version just for Maya to use and keep using the 32 bit version you’ve already been using for development. That way you don’t have to worry about any third party libs.

thanks, I think that worked. Here is an 8MB very minimal build with only maya2egg2012 win64 and the MEL scripts, but nothing else. Enjoy!