maya 2008 not stalled?

Ive read other threads about this problem but can’t find a solution.

When i run maya2egg2008.exe i get a message saying “Cannot locate MAYA2008 - it does not appear to be installed”

From what I gathered this has something to do with a registry key. My copy of maya2008 was installed straight off the disk out of the box.

If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. This is causing me an extreme amount of hassle having to convert everything to 8.5 on another computer then export the egg there and transfer it back.


Oh and I’m using Panda3d-1.5.2

You installed a full-fledged, paid version of Maya2008, right, not a PLE version?


It is a Student license, but It is the full version of maya 2008.

It looks like the code is looking for the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Autodesk\SOFTWARE\Maya\2008\Setup\InstallPath\MAYA_INSTALL_LOCATION .

Use regedit to check if you have that key or anything similar. If you don’t, then maybe something went wrong when you installed Maya. Try using the Find function of regedit to see if you have any Maya keys at all and where they are.


I had the same problem with Maya 2009. Panda3d wouldn’t recognize that I had Maya 2009 even though the key was in the registry. I checked out the source code from CVS and in the function SdkLocateMaya() in I noticed that in the win32 case it added the res value like this:

SDK[res] = ver

but later in SdkAutoDisableMaya() it checks for the key in SDK with



So I think it should have been

SDK[ver] = res

instead. Once I switched the values and ran makepanda, it detected my Maya 2009. If it really was supposed to be SDK[res] = ver though, I probably broke something =\

Actually, the OP’s problem is that he can’t run maya2egg2008.exe, and not that makepanda can’t find his copy of Maya. So his problem is unrelated to the one you’re getting.