Maya 2 egg???

When creating an egg from Maya I get the following error…
***** Error: line 1: Unknown Maya File version: 5.0
Maya binary file parse error: : (6) corrupted file structure
***** Error: line 1: Error reading file
sphere.mb: (kFailure):Unexpected Internal Failure
:maya:mayaegg(error): Unable to read sphere.mb
Errors in conversion.

Do I need a Maya version other than 5?


Hey Greg,
I have Maya 5.0 and egg conversion seems to work fine.
I am not sure what the problem is for you but if you want we can sit down and try and crack it.

This sort of error is coming from the Maya runtime, and indicates that you have a version of the 4.X Maya DLL’s on your path, which it is loading instead of the 5.0 Maya DLL’s. (I’m assuming, of course, that you do have Maya 5.0 installed.)

This is a common problem because the Maya installed offers to put itself on your system path, but when you upgrade to higher versions of Maya it does not remove the previous versions.

You should check your system path in the registry and ensure that Maya 5.0 is the only Maya directory named. Or you could completely uninstall any older versions of Maya.


Odd… I get a popup saying something about FOUNDATION.DLL. I use Maya 5.0 PLE.

Sounds like Foundation.dll is not on your PATH. This is a Maya DLL. Find it on your system and modify your PATH to include it. (It is possible that the Maya PLE version doesn’t include this DLL, in which case you can’t use it to run standalone OpenMaya programs like maya2egg.)