Maximum number of point for Panda

Hello all,

I red many articles about that but is there a rule pre-made for panda that you have to follow and which suggest what’s the maximum number of points / vertices you do not want to exceed in order to mantain a good rendering ?

By such a rule, I mean something like :
1 - If you have 10 characters in your scene then each one must be under 6.000 vertices.
2 - If there is 20 trees then the limit is 2.500 vertices per tree.
3 - For a terrain, never go further 1.000.
4 - ect…

For sure, there will be differences according to wich PC we are using by I bet that Eidos programmers must give such kind of rule to artists before having created Lara :slight_smile:
An other guess is that : it’s better to ask myself such kind of questions before creating too many high-poly meshes.


There are no rules for Panda. It entirely depends on your graphics card.

In general, you shouldn’t have more than a few hundred meshes in your scene. Most graphics card really slow down when you have more. Other than that, the limit varies a LOT. But for modern cards, polygon count / vertex count doesn’t matter anymore - the limit is probably higher than you’ll ever reach. The bottleneck is usually somewhere else - mesh count, fragment shader complexity, etc.