maxegg2012.dlo failed to initialize

Hey, for a project of mine I’m trying to import an egg into 3DS Max 2012 (64bit). I stumbled across this egg importer by accident (Other threads were saying to convert to X then import. May want some more documentation on this.) and tried it out, but now I’m getting this error:

maxeggimport2012.dle also gives this error.

Am I doing something wrong? It occurred to me that it may not support 64bit, but I’m on the road right now and unable to download 32bit since I have a data limit. I figured it was better to ask here so I could get a response quicker in case 32bit wasn’t the issue.

-Joey Z.

You will need the 32-bits version for now, I’m afraid, as we do not provide 64-bits Panda builds at the moment, and it’s not possible to mix-and-match 32-bits and 64-bits builds.

Thanks, it’s somewhat working now. I can get static models in, but models that are built for animation cause 3DS Max to crash when importing.

I should note that I’m using bam2egg before doing that, so I know that is likely my problem. Just seeing if there is anything I can do first. When using bam2egg on one of the models built for animation, it puts out:
:util:bam(warning): Bam file ‘torso.bam’
contains objects of unknown type: MovingPart
Writing torso.egg

That is still viewable in pview, though. Is there any way to get rid of the “MovingPart”, since I assume that is the thing causing Max to crash? I don’t care about the parts/bones so much as the texture mapping.

Here is the crash log from 3DSMax, if useful: …

bam2egg will not convert animations and IIRC the maxeggimport doesn’t support animations (you can export them but not import) but it should import bones and skinning information.
Keep in mind that the bam format is version dependent, if you plan on loading the model back into any modeling software at any point you really should keep a egg version for backup (and even better a native copy -.max, .blend, .ma, etc).

As rdb said, the maxegg2012.dlo is still not fully complete, meaning that perhaps you can use another default exporting format. I personally use and recommend to download a max .X exporter from DirectX, and use it at all time. It features all the needed tricks, aswell as animations and bones.