Max2009 Exporter

Followed the instructions to get the egg exporter working for Max2009 64-bit but got a failed to initialize error. Have tried using both maxegg9 and maxegg2009 but am confronted by the same error. Is there a solution for this or am I doing something wrong?

Sorry to bump this but still having this problem and using 3dsMax is integral to getting my project going. Any ideas?

I don’t know if we are supporting 64-bits max at all. Have you tried setting the compatibility mode of the plug-in (if that’s possible in windows)?

I believe other users solve this by installing a 32-bits version of Max as well, which they use for exporting.

You could also grab a copy of the Panda source, modify the build script a bit and compile a version of the exporter against your 64-bits Max version.