Max shader load?

Hi guys, I want to know how many shaders file can be attacched and loaded on a NodePath.
I like to attach multiple shader for do different jobs on a node.

Thanks all.

You cannot use more than one shader on a single node.

But is a limit of the engine or the hardware?

It’s the way GPUs work.

If by NodePath, you really mean a model with child nodes, you can apply a different shader to each child NodePath. So if in your model the skin, hair, clothes, metal parts, and so on are all different objects in the model then you can apply a different shader to each part. This would depend on how the model was built exported.

Thanks all, but if i need to apply different shader tecnique on the same node, like percentage shadow + glow shaders or animated texture + instancing shaders that in theory can work togheter on the same object (same mesh).
Thus, if Coppertop answer is corrent, is possible that in 2013 the GPUs can run only a script at a time?
I can not believe it…
I’m started now deep study how the shaders works but i don’t read anything about that.

If someone can explain me if what i wrote before is possible, i appreciate it.

thanks all

You can only apply one shader at a Geom at the same time. If you want to use multiple effects, like shadow + instancing, you’ll have to write a shader that does both shadow and instancing at the same time.

As for glow, this is usually applied as a post-processing effect, which is not applied on the node itself.

In the future, Panda may have a shader system that makes this easier, but for now, you will have to combine your shaders or use multiple render passes.

But fundamentally, every GPU can only execute one shader program per piece of geometry at the same time.