max particle exporter

well, recently i was experimenting with the particle panel and i found that it was somewhat difficult (could be just my opinion)

but i found the 3ds max particle system and tools very easy to use.
so i tought, why not try to make a exporter!!

and i’m mostly done, tough it still lacks some freatures and i’m not sure it works yet.
TODO list:
-add texture support
-find out what some statements are
-add a gui
-create a name for your particle system after export

but that can be done with no problem.

the first version is here:

how to use:
put this file in your: 3ds max/scripts/startup folder
thist willl make 3ds max to load the script at startup
just configure a particle spray, below is a picture of what fields (i’m sure) it supports:

click the hamer icon on the far right–> maxscript–> choose “export superspray”

then select your superspray and click Go
new you can choose a location to put your file. you have to give it a extention yourself.

if you find any bugs, please post so i can get 'em out

this exporter is based on the dust.ptf file out of the particle example so it can have some things you don’t like, but you have to edit these yourself.
you can export only one superspray at one time.
in the file, the name of the particle system is “SuperSpray” (no quotes)

i hope it is a usefull contribution


Cool contribution! Even better actually would be a Panda particle editor like I’ve used in many game engines; if noone else has written one by the time I’m needing a particle editor, I’ll probably write one myself and release it on the forum.

yeah, you’r right, but i’m doing a lot in max and really gotten used to it so i can create the effect i want very quickly.

and with the panda particle panel it takes a lot longer


I second that…ogre has something similar so panda could really use that, so good luck with that.

I am sure something this popular would be welcome by offers of help .

On a side note, I use blender myself as I think many others here do, which is great there are so many options out there given the economic mess we are in and that in general, FOSS rocks :wink:

The great equalizer :slight_smile:


found a bug and i’m trying to remove this one.

the life clause of a particle spray is normaly:

this means 30 frames.
once exported, the “f” is still present, they have to be removed.

i’m trying to remove this one as quickly as possible

version 1.1
this one gives you the ability to:
-add a texture.
-let you controll the alpha channel.


to add texture, you have to write the texturepath in the textfield

i have not been able to solve the “f” issue, but i’m not giving up.


That script sounds very cool, unfortunately it throws me an error on startup:

Hope that helps…?
Cheers, Oli