Maverick install of runtime fails with "untrusted packa

I’m attempting to install panda3d-runtime 1.0.3 on a Ubuntu 10.10 i386 system. I followed the instructions on “” (adding deb maverick main), and when I install it finds the package, but fails to download with an error message that says it would have to install untrusted packages.

Well I looked around (on this site and Ubuntu’s as well), and apparently this is common with other packages; it is possible the certificate/key expires after a time so it’s necessary to find a new one. The Ubuntu forum suggests finding a key on the supplier’s website. I didn’t find one on the Panda3d site.

Any thoughts on how to move ahead?

Hi, welcome to the forums!

This is normal. The packages are not signed. The packages are automatically built by a buildbot, so having it automatically sign them would be lying.

Is the fact that they are not signed causing a problem? It shouldn’t make you unable to install the software.

I’m pretty new at this, so appreciate your guidance here. I’ll switch over to the Ubuntu forum since it seems it has nothing to do with Panda3d per se. Thanks for your help!