i need to find the tan inverse (tan ’ ) of a computation, how do i do that!?

that would be atan().
may i ask what you need atan function for? panda itself pretty much never needs the user to perform those low-level-math stuff so i wonder why you might need it.

I’m working on a 3D game, it for the AI for the opponent. I’m calcultating the angle the car need to rotate from its current to the destination coordinates, thus the tan inverse come in use :wink: I just hope i’m on the right track!

A new problem now, for collision detection, is there any way that i can know which to model are in collision i mean it shall return me the name of the models that are in collision

I would suggest atan2() for nearly all cases, otherwise you will have to manually test what quadrant you are in.

I would suggest Vec2.angleDeg and Vec3.angleDeg for all cases. angleRad when you want radians.

oh pro-rsoft always doing things the, “already implemented in C way”… :slight_smile: