materials dont show in game

I applied the texture to a detailled hand model in blender with the UV map and i exported it with chicken yet when i run the game,the model is completly white.I read the manaul and it said you can applie the materials inside of the modelling program and the textures are in the same folder.
I would be gratefull if anyone could tell me what im missing out on
Thanks greatly.

Have a look into your exported egg file (yes, with a text editor, not with a modelling program :wink: ) and find the entry about the texture.
Maybe it has the wrong path and/or filename/extension/format.

hello,Thanks for the reply
I looked in the file and it wasnt the correct file path so i changed it to this

hand_diffuse.tga {
“C:/Panda3D/handtest/hand diffuse.tga”

and it still did not show up on the model.
Please help

Not enough info to give an answer. You have to narrow the problem down.

So, what can go wrong?
Everything involved

What is involved?
(1) a texture, (2) an egg-file, (3) your python code

For (1): I assume you have checked that the texture is valid, not read-protected and in the right place. So this won’t be the cause for your problem. By the way: using relative path for textures (that’s an Blender option) is better if you want to move around the egg-files, textures or distribute your code.

For (2): The egg-file. You can test if your egg-file is good by using pview. pview.exe is a small egg model viewer that comes with Panda3D.

For (3): If everything else is fine, then it must be your code. I’m afraid you will have to post at least part of your code if you want help here.


Also don’t forget the Panda Filename Syntax. That applies to filenames within egg files, too, so the above filename is not correct. It should be “/c/Panda3D/handtest/hand diffuse.tga” instead.