Mapping Software

I’m a complete new guy to Panda 3d. What software is most common and can compile environments for Panda 3d?

I guess what software is best and most compatible for mapping with Panda 3d?


A lot of people use blender, however if you can export to a supported or convertible format you’re fine.
Recently I’ve tested Seamless3d, which supports animations, has a format that is directly loadable and it’s more simple to use. I don’t remember if it’s free though.

hi Guzzi and welcome here
beside blender got a very nice panda exporter (.egg is the file format extension) and beside blender is free, the most used and complete are for 3d studio max and maya. You may find all the info you need in this manual section.

^ those are pricey.
But Blender has the most features…

Hey, that’s nice, discovering new stuff with every thread.

moreover, that wings3d app is funny: first tutorial: “Filling a hole”…

I didn’t realize blender could be used to build maps. Same with Maya.

 I've been modeling with XSI Mod tool lately just to hone that skill in. It's really easy to use. I'm not sure if there is a way to export into Panda 3d with that though.

well if you are accustomed with i.e. Valve Source or the quake mapper that could look quite uncomfortable to you but it is feasible - anyhow somebody in this community is going to do a q3 bsp importer so there is hope to have a real mapper interface for panda as well.

If any of you want to see an example of what it looks like to use Blender as a level editor go and have a look at naith ( - if you look in media/levels/ you will find the .blend files for both levels. Don’t just download the .blend-s - they link to other blends in the source tree, so you have the objects you are placing in the levels represented with their actual mesh. It certainly isn’t familiar to those used to typical level editors, but its not such a bad way of doing it either - you need a bit of rigour to keep everything neat, but it has all the functionality and is an interface that will be known to you if your already using Blender to create the art assets.