Making scene editor work

I recently downloaded Manakel’s fixed Scene editor because 1.22 doesnt have it. I first ecountered tcl error while trying to run I managed to fix that problem and then the other error came in. Somethin in like NameError: name ‘getModelPath’ is not defined.
Could you please help me get it working because my team is working on a really big project and we really need the editor.

I believe that most of the problems are import-statement related. Whomever wrote the scene editor used “import *” liberally. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in the importations of symbols that overwrite things that you need. Also, sometimes it imports something that you do need, but from some module other than the one you’re supposed to import it from. Then, later, that stops working. Apparently, the people who wrote python are now discouraging the use of “import *” for this very reason.

So, long story short, fix the import statements. If you look in the new API reference manual, you’ll see that it shows the correct import statement for all classes. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t document the import statements for global functions (like getModelPath). Fortunately, most global functions come from pandac.PandaModules:

from pandac.PandaModules import getModelPath