Making Panda3D 1.8.1 from src on Mac OS X 10.8

I am trying to make up the new Panda3D 1.8.1 from source.
Because Mac OS X 10.8 does not have PowerPC compatibilities,
I changed the makepanda/ as follows:
line : 979
<< if ("NOPPC" not in opts ): cmd += " -arch ppc"
>>  if ("NOPPC" not in opts and False ): cmd += " -arch ppc"

Yes, this means omitting the -arch ppc option.
And I tried to make up panda3d as follows:

% python makepanda/ --everything --no-x11 --installer

However, the compiler reported the following errors:

[  0%] Building C++ object built/tmp/p3dtoolbase_composite1.o
In file included from dtool/src/dtoolbase/p3dtoolbase_composite1.cxx:3:
In file included from dtool/src/dtoolbase/atomicAdjustI386Impl.cxx:19:
In file included from dtool/src/dtoolbase/atomicAdjustI386Impl.h:56:
dtool/src/dtoolbase/atomicAdjustI386Impl.I:35:30: error: invalid lvalue in asm
      input for constraint 'm'
                       :"m" (&var));
dtool/src/dtoolbase/atomicAdjustI386Impl.I:62:30: error: invalid lvalue in asm
      input for constraint 'm'
                       :"m" (&var) : "memory");
2 errors generated.

I do not know the assembler descriptions in C++ programs. So, I cannot modify the line 35 and line 62 of atomicAdjustI386Impl.I. Please give me some suggestions for avoiding this problem.