making eggs and loading them

this is probably answered in the tutorial i couldnt find it. I really want to make games with panda3d but in order to do that i need to make eggs.

The following questions are the things i need answered: What software do i need to make/open/read eggs; Are there any video tutorials on how to make eggs; When i load an egg do i need and egg for every frame or can i make it so when i load the egg it automaticaly moves based on the code in it; Could someone make video tutorials on how to use and work with eggs(im not much of a reader)

i think thats it.
plz answer these questions!!!

Hmm… Perhaps it would be better to explain to you want eggs are than to directly answer your questions, as I have a suspicion that they are asked as a result of false premises.

Simply put, “eggs” are the files that describe the models in your game, including geometry, textures, materials and the like. Eggs can also contain animations, either in a single file with the main model or in a separate file for each animation.

In general (presuming that you don’t have someone else to do so for you), you produce eggs through the use of a 3D modelling program and an export script - Blender and Yabee, for example.

As to “working with eggs”, you generally don’t really, I believe. You create models and animations in your 3D modelling program, export them as egg files and then load the egg files into Panda, as I believe is shown in the tutorial. The egg file (which I seem to recall is simply a text file with the extension “.egg”) is an end-product of modelling an animation; if you want to edit the model, you would usually open and edit the model file, not the egg.

i knew what eggs are: i think of them as jars(java) like a folder for other files.

i have blender: i dont know how to use it.

do you know of any video tutorials for blender:
preferably that show how to make animations in it and export them as egg files?

i know how to load them though i dont know how to make them :frowning:
thats my real question

An egg file is nothing like a jar file. It’s a text file more like xml or html. You can edit an egg file with any text editor (like notepad) and many people often do (changing textures, adding tags and suchlike).

Once you have a model that you want to export then people here will help you with that… as for making the model itself… well I think this is not the best place to ask about modeling.

ok then i dont know what eggs are but i do know

so im told i can open/write them with blender

is that true?
if it is plz tell me some tutorials


im only 12 what do you expect?

Not open, only write. From Blender to egg it’s a one way road.

Making software doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with age, but experience and some education (especially math) are pretty important IMHO. For making simple games there are better ways than trying to use Panda3d, which is a professional tool for programmers.

If you simply want to make a funny game fast I suggest trying Kodu:

thx the stuff you guys said was very helpful :slight_smile:

i hope you can answer my next question(im sure im gonna have one :slight_smile: )