Making a nametag like in toontown

If anyone knows how to make the nametag they have in toontown can u please tell me. Thanks. :smiley:

Have you seen this thread?


Yes i saw that thanks. But i am looking to make the ones like in toontown or potco.

That is pretty much the same way that Toontown and POTCO do it. Is there something specific you’re looking for?


Well in toontown they have them like transparent you can see through them.

Set relief=None on your DirectLabel.


Is that the code to set transparency? if not can someone tell me what that is.

No, it simply removes the default gray quad, I think.

Just set the bg color’s alpha value to a value lower than 1.0 for a transparent background.

Omg that you so much pro-rsoft thats exactly what i needed!