Making a circular shaped radar

I posted a thread some weeks ago asking about creating a mini-radar view. The best idea was to make a scene-graph and represent each radar dot and the radar bg using nodes and render it to a rectangular region of the screen.

Someone suggested a radar with a circular shape. I think this is a very cool idea but is it possible without having to render to a texture? Maybe using some advanced 3d clipping tricks?

Any help would be appreciated as i don’t have a clue how this can be done.

I think you’re overthinking this. Just make a circular model the same way you would make any circular model–for instance, put a circular texture on a polygon–and parent that circular model to aspect2d. Poof, instant circular radar display.


LOL of course. I don’t need to clip anything. The engine will only render the circular polygon with the radar dots as nodes on top.

Thanks for the insight.

see the minimap I posted in the showcase. I can provide code if you want.