makepanda, where are include directories added?

I am working on creating a module for a third party SDK. When building, the header files for the SDK are not found. I’ve put them under thirdparty/win-libs-vc9/blah/include, and I think I’ve properly copied the makepanda section of another module, but it is still not locating the headers I need to include. Any particular place I might have missed?
Also curious what the correct naming convention for modules is, libp3blah or libpandablah?

If you’re using the latest version of CVS, which only supports VC2010, it’s “win-libs-vc10” for 32-bits and “win-libs-vc10-x64” for 64-bits.

Otherwise, vc9 is the right location. You must not have added it in the right places to makepanda; you should not forget to add it to the package list near the top, or add it to OPTS when compiling the module.

The naming convention we use nowadays is libp3blah.