makepanda and .net 2003

I’m trying to build the cvs tree using makepanda, and it cannot find my compiler. Having a look at the source, it seems like it doesn’t search for .net 2003 installs. does, but contains some errors…

Am I missing something trivial here?


Makepanda is not supposed to work with vc2003. MSVC changes so much in every release that it’s almost impossible to keep maintaining support for all of those. The current makepanda needs vc2005, and thats what the thirdparty packages are compiled for, too. It has used 2003 before, though, and it should not be very hard to port.
In order to use a different compiler than 2005, you also need to have other thirdparty packages. I still have the old 2003 thirdparty packages lying around here in an old working copy, if you want.
Other than that, you will need to adjust makepanda (dig in the files and to find 2003 instead of 2005.
I recommend downloading 2005 instead, though.

PS. some users have also got it to work with 2008, search the forums if you want more info on that.