Make texture card loop through part of the sequence

Is there a way to load a texture card but only let it play a portion of the images? For example, loop between frame 10 and frame 20?
In the texture card’s sequence node, I can see the children carrying the frames, but I wonder if there is a way to manipulate them after the loading, say, removing part of them and adding them back later?

I want this effect because I wish to display an animated object that gradually enters and leaves, but when something happens, I want it to be stuck in the inner loop.

SequenceNode is a sub-class of AnimInterface–much like the “AnimControl” class that’s used by Actor. It thus should have access to all of AnimInterface’s animation methods–including a version of “loop” that takes a start-frame and an end-frame.


Thank you a lot. I only checked the SequenceNode documentation but not the AnimInterface one. It is quite self-explanatory.