Make standalone executable from python

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Why I’m here? Good solution of single executable:

Need to download files:
Embedded python installation zip
BoxedApp Packer 2017.8 ( Makes standalone executable [ sorry only Windows ] ) Engima Projector

Copy and past:
From Panda3D 1.9.3 bin all dlls into working directory of
From Python dlls into same working directrory of

Copy folders like direct, pandac, panda3d, tk, encodings, loggings, importlib, tlc, unitest, ctypes and prow into working directory of or just make with cx_freeze because it can copy automatically… If cx_freeze can not copy sometimes dlls like libp3ptloader.dll, libp3openal, lib and libpandafx.dll you need copy manuell…

and don’t forget to copy from Panda3d.XXX/etc to working directory of

And pack with BoxedApp Packer or Engima Projector into standalone executable
Don’t pack folder “etc” because it is important to change for resolution like 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 1024 etc…
Don’t pack folder “models” if you have created assets into BoxedApp Packer or Engima Projector
Enable “override commandline” BoxedAppVar:OldCmdLine “\”

Than mark “X” “Compress files” If yoiu find Engima Projector and BoxedApp Packer
Build until finish and make sure models and etc exist next single executable

Don’t worry! You click single executable than console window opens and wait for some lines from command and shows display window of Panda3D and enjoy your standalone executable.

Good solution website from BoxedApp Packer: Example Python

Thanks for readding and sharing my suggestion for only Windows X86 / x64 no Mac OSX and Linux Sorry!
// EDIT: You can check youtube :slight_smile: