Make File browser

Hi all!
I want to make a file browser and the only solution i found it’s with tkwidgets. Is there an other solution ? or a documentation with tkwidgets?
Thx :slight_smile:

tkinter is another GUI for python. dont know if it has a ready-file browser but it has a simple dialog for selecting a single file.
depending on what you want to do you might find the listdir() useful

import os
print os.listdir(./)

should print a list of strings with the filenames and directories so you can get the filenames, number of files with len(os.listdir(./)) etc… of course you can access single filenames since it’s a list.
never mind if thats not what you’r looking for

there are a bunch of other gui’s available for python. but most of them are either not crossplatform,hard to programm,buggy or not longer developed and outdated

1.1 Tkinter

1.2 PyGTK

1.3 wxPython

1.4 PythonCard

1.5 PyQt

1.6 PyFLTK

1.7 PythonWin

->copied froma german python gui wiki

tkinter and pygtk seems to be quite good. I’d choose pygtk
looks like it’s documented, available for linux and windows (wiki says windows needs a gtk+ like )
well and the resulsts are quite nice^^
good luck =)