Make avatar appear in multiple places

I have been thinking and I can not think of a way to make my avatar appear multiple places. How would I come about it? I am newer to panda and any help would be much appreciated. It would be something like this

A GM enters a command
The GM appears in every zone. My zone’s are broken up like
How could I come about doing this. Sorry if I am coming across unclear I am new to this as I have said.

The naive approach would be to create multiple copies of your avatar, one for each place. Why not do that?


Because there are multiple game mods and I didn’t actually want them to “be” there more of just appear basically every zone.

What’s the purpose of having a GM in every zone at the same time?

I am going to be adding to it this is just a baseline for my plan… I’ll give you a full out description of you want… but my guess is you don’t really care.

So, don’t create multiple copies of your GM class, just multiple copies of the model.

There’s no functions I could use to accomplish this?

I don’t know what you’re asking for. There are all kinds of functions to accomplish this, but there’s no “make multiple copies of my model in different zones” function to call. You still have to do the work yourself.

There are lots of ways to make multiple copies of a model. They’re all documented in various places of the manual. For instance, you could simply call loader.loadModel() multiple times (or, since it’s presumably an animated model, create multiple Actor instances).

If all copies of the model will always be in exact animation sync with each other, then you can use instancing, with a command like newInstance = actor.instanceTo(newParent) to make a number of shared instances. I consider this riskier than making copies, though, because it’s harder to understand the full implications of what you’re doing there, and there’s no real benefit to using instances unless you’ll be view multiple animated models at the same time.


You do understand my game is online right?

So when you say “multiple places”, you really mean in different places on different clients, but only in one place on any one client?

Well, that’s a totally different question. The way to solve that problem depends entirely on the scheme you settle on for communicating your object’s position. If you are using Panda’s DistributedObject system, you might just choose to create a number of different DistributedObjects, one for each location in which you wish your npc to appear.


If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have asked.

As drwr all ready posted, the answer depends on your networking scheme.

Say for instance I wanted to give the GM the ability to jump to any zone he wanted to, well I wouldn’t need to create an object in each zone initially. I would just need to be able to handle the logic of paging/transferring data from one zone to another. If you’re building an online game you’re going to have to do this with your regular clients.

If you’re concerned about hacks, you could have your server collect information that doesn’t look right (the delta of previous and current positions exceeding normal parameters). The GM could then be alerted and login the zone to spy on the hacker.

Sort of why I asked the question in the first place.

Have yet to see a game where a GM (an avatar with special permissions) is in more place than one at any given time.

Drwr’s the expert. Was just trying to clarify what you were asking for.

I’ll describe it like this.
I want basically a “ghost” GM. His body appears in these places when really he is somewhere else.

By multiple places I meant
They go to the forest area > His body is standing in let’s say zone: 2000
They get out of the forest and enter zone 3000 his body is standing there. Just basically what seems like a stalker.

Sure, but it all still depends on how you actually implement the networking and visibility system in the first place. You haven’t yet said how you’re doing that.

you mean DistributedObject & OTP?

I’m pretty sure you’re not using OTP, since that’s a proprietary Disney technology. Are you using the DistributedObject system, though? If so, then my suggestion above applies: create a different DistributedObject for each instance of the npc.


It isn’t a npc… It is the GM’s avatar just more like a ghost version of it… Ahhhhh I am trying to think how I can get you to understand…
ME = entereverywhere()
my body appears at
zoneid: 2000, 3000, 4000
basically like that. That is what I mean. My actual self is still where i entered the command at but my body is basically broadcasted to those locations.

There is no “actual self” anywhere the game, of course. Your actual self is sitting at the keyboard. You can create as many virtual selves as you want, so create one for each zone. Is there any reason not to?

Point taken. After a little work I successfully did it. Thank you.