Major help needed please

Ok I have lots of questions: how to convert files from milkshape 3d (.3ds) into panda 3d (.egg or .bam)?

how to make a node???

I cant understand how to put models in

I dont understand anything…

please help me! those tutorials I read dont help all I know is how to start panda, make a .py file, and some other but I really need help to program with python

Have you tried to follow the instructions in the manual page about converting from Milkshape 3D? At one point in those instructions are you having trouble?


Well my part in this is: I dont get the manual… thats why I need help

OK, and I want to provide help, but I can’t unless I know more specifically what kind of help you need.

You say “I don’t get the manual.” Which part of the manual instructions don’t you get? Do you really understand none of it? Let’s start from step A in the Milkshape-to-X conversion instructions:

Do these instructions make sense to you?


I understand but I am just having a hard time with programming cause sometimes when I dnt understand things in the manual I get real pissed off. thats why I need help in finding a good understandable manual.