main site

is like the main site down or something??

Indeed, the domain seems to be down. Could anyone give us an explanation about this problem?

i also would like to know what is up!

Our DNS expired, and the registrar’s being retarded. We’re working on it. now?

what happen to

we are all confused now 3 days down and all …

The site has always been accessible from all three:,, The one didn’t expire. It’s the others we’re having problems with.

explains y theres a verizon websearch thing when i try to access it

Set a link onto the main page…

Dunno if many do access it, but its there. Sorry… didn’t know about the .net-address…

Regards, Bigfoot29

its baaaak!

thanks josh!

it is? It is!

good :smiley:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Bigfoot29, still remember your words ?

indeed… (didn’t forget it)

Regards, Bigfoot29