Main site typos

Found some typos in the main site. Should I report them ?

Sure. Where are they?

English isnt my first language so I can be wrong.

In the ‘Features’ page:

  1. Toos to merge textures and minimize texture switches”
  2. ‘Full Python Integration’ section has 2 pythons and 1 Python.
  3. “Automatically-generated wrappers expose full functionality of engine.”
    Missing ‘the’ before ‘engine’?

Corrected, thanks for reporting!

I searched the other sections and found these:

  1. ‘Downloads’:
    The one step installer includes everything you need to get started with Panda3D: the engine, the python libraries, tons of utilites, sample artwork, exporters for Max and Maya, and a copy of Python.
    (not sure about the comma before and either: didnt learn in school)
  2. windows download doesnt mention sample programs, while OSX does, but doesnt mention sample artwork.
  3. Never entered the Contact page. Whats with the additional ‘Downloads’ and ‘Features’ buttons?