Mac OS X Fullscreen on Second Display

Has anyone figured out a way to have a window go fullscreen on a second display (external monitor or projector) on OS X? Since Panda’s DisplayInformation class doesn’t work on OS X yet, I’ve been using wx.Display, which gives me the correct origins and sizes for all displays. When I try to create a fullscreen window on the second display, though, Panda makes a window the size of the first display and doesn’t position it on the second display.

To be clear, I’m wondering if anyone has written or found some helper code to get display information at runtime and create a fullscreen window on the second (or third or whatever) display. Thanks.

Have you tried creating an undecorated window instead of a fullscreen window?


Using an undecorated window works, but the size of the window seems to be limited by the size of the first display. For instance, when I have an external display hooked up (1680 x 1050) to my laptop (1440 x 900), I get a 1440 x 874, undecorated window on the second display, even though I’m requesting properties with a size of 1680 x 1050.

Not a big deal, as most of the time I’m using a smaller second display, but it would be great to support any display configuration.

Am I correct in assuming that DisplayInformation is where this maximum size is coming from?

Hmm, this does sound like a bug in the OSX window logic. Would you mind adding a bug report to the launchpad? Thanks!


Done. Thanks.