Ludum Dare #10 - Dec. 14-16th -

will you be there at LD48?

  • why would i want to waste my time with this ?
  • i would love to but i dont have time…
  • yes i will be there promoting the panda3d engine

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Ludum Dare #10 - Dec. 14-16th -

this is the 10th Ludum Dare 10 competition where you make game in a week end! Competitions are a great way to:

start and finish a progject
aim for some thing small
make new friends
learn API like panda3d
have some thing to show employers


I wonder if they realize… by holding the contest during finals exams week, they rule out most college students.

well the copo is this week end the 10 themes are:

AI Opponent
Chain Reaction
Reverse time
Time travel

the theme will be chosen when the copo starts!
join and vote now!