lost in reference

sossy i’m a bit lost…
i don’t find pitagorean distance between 2 Vec3 in documentation…

You can’t find the distance between two vectors. Did you mean the length of a vector? You can use that with vector.length(). Did you mean the distance between two Point3’s? Use (p2 - p1).length().

Also it helps to use the lengthSquared() function when possible, as it is faster.

This is very useful for example if you want to know which length is longer or shorter but don’t need to know exactly what that length is.

if (p2 - p1).lengthSquared() < (p3 - p1).lengthSquared():

It can also be used to test if a length is greater or less than a certain distance since you can test against a squared number instead of the number itself.

if (p2 - p1).lengthSquared() < 3*3: