Lost in Collision .....

Hello All,

I’m getting lost in collision detection.

My problem is having one Actor aka ThePlayer which moves on a
model aka:TheGround.

I need my actor to be able to fall until he touch something (like gravity)
I need my actor to slide about ramp or not so high objects.

So i loockoot and found the different Walkers.
But i’m don’t understand how to use them.
Especially the physics part of them…

Also it looks like each walker use it’s own collision traverser or
the global collision traverser with a specific collisionQueueHanlder.
Is it a correct?

Also i found reference to a CollisionHandlerGravity.
Is it something that exists in 1.0 or is it specific to towntoon?

Yeah, CollisionHandlerGravity is a Panda3D-specific class, you can use those.

You also might want to look at direct/src/controls/GravityWalker.py to get you started(but I just import the thing itself)

Ok thanks a lot.
i tried the import. (Quickly during lunch time) look promising. I’m just a bit lost about airborn height.
So far i concluded it’s the expected height of avatar above detected floor.
Would you confirm?