Looking, gripping and... dressing

This is a refreshed looking and gripping demo as from the official pack, but with other actors, sets and more meat (just a little).
I fired the cute former actress with a more pand-ish one called Charlie that do the previous job to grab some object but this time you can dress it up with some suits, 'cos at start he’s barely naked (PS: no fear, he’s far over 18yo):
You may also try to set the appropriate hand tool if you want, or a wrong one just for fun. Anyhow with this a beginner should learn how to make and play with an animated multipart actor, to expose a joint and use it to stick a model on and to dynamically interact taking control from it.
You’ll find the base package here with pythons, eggs and stuff.

Here on the other hand there is the blender source where to find the real Charlie and his wardrobe, with some comments and little hints on how I did the things you see in the demo.

For feedbacks and Qs I’m always here listening

Hehehe, funny, I like it!

One thing: when you move your mouse away from the panda, the panda head follows, but suddenly ‘pops’ back if you move your mouse too far.

thankyou pro-r

I know it’s not perfect but I kept intentionally less bloated as I could cos the goals of the demo are just to show how to do the things it do - that glitch is intentional to show that the code can dynamically take control of a joint, the neck in the specific, and then release it returning the control to the animation.

wow that is really nice work!

to tell the true i found myself in the moment of begin to experiment with animated custom characters, and i need to figure some system for attaching the custom elements (weapons, cloths, equipment,etc) to the animated “naked” character model.

if someone could write down a tutorial about an efficient and direct way of making this process with panda3d, i really think it would be great.


Oi! what you’re looking for is precisely what I did with my sample - assuming you already read and studied my code, I need to investigate that to make it better:
you say:

I should argue from that this 2 things:
first, the comments along my script code are not clear or just enough to understand how it works - if it is so please tell me how to improve that, what do you think is missing out
second, my way is not efficient as you need - if this is the case, could you please tell me in what is not as efficient as you need?

thanks astelix, i haven’t investigate your code yet but for what you tell me yeah looks to be the answer to a lot of questions i was making myself.
After investigating it a bit i’ll tell you my impressions.

don’t forget to dig into the .blend file - there are a bit of infos there either

A little bit late to speak here, but thank you very much for this sample, it explain a lot of doubts I have.

Thank you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: