Looking for someone good with 3D Graphics Skills to...

Looking for someone good with 3D Graphics Skills to help with my new mmorpg game, the game isnt ready for graphics to be added just yet but i figure i better find some one know so if anyone can help out please let me know.

Graphics needed:

you are making 3 mistakes:

looking for artists on a programmers forum;
not offering any money for it;
posting another among million “new mmorpg help wanted thread”;

good day.

Well its not really a “new mmorpg” more like not come out yet… im still working on some codes just need someone with graphics skills who would like to help out.

cody14w, every third person looks like is making mmorpg :slight_smile:

Well, if the game isn’t ready for graphics to be added, then it’s probably not adequate to talk about a game already.
And since I don’t think that one could write much of a game without at least some initial graphics (models, textures), I assume you’re just starting with your project.
Still you make it sound, like the models are just the finishing touch for your game.

Anyway, I don’t see how maps and skills could be done by a pure graphics designer.
The most important part of implementing skills are done by a programmer… in fact I think skills could be implemented without graphics at all.
And maps, well…
You see, maps and models are two different things.
There must be a definition of the format of the maps in your game.
And then you can ask for a map designer to do this job(of course you would need to write a map editor first).

As for mmorpgs I think a terrain algorithm would be nice, if not mandatory.

well talking about good graficartists… what codebase can you offer already?
i mean if you need people for grafic you should be able to offer something like… .a very basic working server with a basic and working client. both deserving the tag "MM"orpg and not only orpg. means at least a few hundret players should be able to run on it.
i’m not unintrested even though i’m working on my own mmorpg (and it has a working server/client with a few features^^)

sure you dont need someone who studied networking first? mmorpg means several 100players… well i’d love to share my code. offers help
btw what sort of mmorpg will it be? fantasy, medival something futuristic?

greetings from the top of the mountains,
thomas e