Looking for snippet to make simple solar system demo

hi, i’m learning panda3d, i am looking for source code to study to get this kind of result:

i am now studying with http://www.mygamefast.com/

I can’t see your picture/click your link because they’re blocked on my domain. However, there is a solar system demo project that’s included in the Panda3D code. More information can be found here.

Which part are you having trouble with, and what features do you want the end result to have, specifically?

As pictured, I see Earth and (presumably) the Moon, a starship, and a large grid. At their simplest, and presuming that you don’t intend for things to be to scale, or for the grid to be indefinitely big, all of those things could just be static models, with some code to move the ship around. The “V:” label might be an OnscreenText object.

I’m not sure of what the pink- and blue- objects are near Earth and the Moon, so I’m not sure of what to suggest there.

hi Kesslerb2,
i have linux mint 19, and there are no sample in those path:
/usr/share (no panda3d folder at /usr/share )

i read:
The Solar System Sample Program

To run a sample program, you need to install Panda3D. If you’re a Windows user, you’ll find the sample programs in your start menu. If you’re a Linux user, you’ll find the sample programs in /usr/share/panda3d.


do you a path or url to download all the samples ?

hi Thaumaturge, i see that there are plenty things to read in the manual !

There are! I’m also currently working on a “Beginner’s Tutorial”, if you’re interested. It’s a work-in-progress, but you should find the first few lessons here: https://arsthaumaturgis.github.io/Panda3DTutorial.io/

i just began to read your tuto, will you join next pyweek session ?

I’m glad that you’re reading it. :slight_smile:

As to PyWeek, probably not–I have plenty of projects with which to keep myself busy, I think!