Looking for paid assistance

I’ve been wondering for some time now if anyone would be willing to spend some billable time with me? This is my first post here but I’ve been active in the IRC room on and off through the years and I’ve been using Panda for quite awhile. I learn best by doing or by seeing how others do it.

I have a pretty clear idea what I want to do, but would really love someone with more experience helping me get off the ground. I really want some good solid base code to start with. Anyone with a good understanding of Panda and python that has some extra time and would like some extra money please let me know!


Could you say something about the idea? How much time and money do you plan?

Well I believe it to be a pretty straightforward idea. Mainly it’s a sandbox FPS game aboard space vessels. The vessels move about and can dock/teleport crew between ships for boarding actions etc. There’s elements of RPG I’d like to mix in as well.

I don’t think there’s a whole lot of time involved in what I’m looking for, at least to start. My only experience with Python has been Panda3D and I guess I just want to make sure I’m setting things up efficiently. Once I have something to work with I can keep it going from there.

As for money I don’t really have a budget, just cash I waste in other places that I’d like to put towards my goal here instead. I would consider it fair compensation but I guess it’d be up to whomever is interested to talk about that.

So what more than an FPS sample do you expect?
There aare a few FPS samples on the forums already, by the way.

Yeah I’ve been through some FPS examples here. That part should be easy. After talking with some more people in IRC I think I’m going to just start best I can and post the code somewhere for critique. :confused: Guess I’m a little afraid someone might run with my idea without me.

little to be afraid of. chances are that you run away from your own idea, rather than someone else running away with it.

Seriously, game ideas are one thing game developers have too much of. A good and well written idea with a detailed plan of all gameplay makes I’d say less than 5% of all work required to make a real game. If you don’t have years of programming experience, most of the time you’ll be struggling with software architecture, very specific issues and working around the really important parts - avoiding progress and inhibiting motivation.

That said I can only suggest starting small, trying to make a very simple and easy game. You’ll notice that even for the smallest possible game it takes months to actually make it right, and another few months to make it look good. But since you have a vision you’ll probably try to only work on that - that’s how most people start actually :slight_smile: