Looking for Game Studio for hire to make virtual would using gundb for networking

I want to make a AGPL UGC focused P2P MMO.

The Minimum Viable Product is a networked game engine that supports importing catmull-clark Subsurfs and animations from Blender maps that are layered hieghtfields outdoor areas like the Riot Engine(Draken:Order of the FLame) and Doom like interior areas these should be able to be linked together with portals to allow NonEuclidean geometry, there should be a mini map with ascIIpOrtal like rendering of the portals. There should be a build in Level editor like DoomBuilder and basic hieghtfield editor that allows players to share the map and their UI(should be cursor position and their viewpoint, not a screen capture) with the other players in Real Time.

The ultimate goal is to use gundb for the networking but for the MVP a client-server model that can support 32 simultaneous user on a server and the ability to link servers together is all that’s needed for the MVP.

Anyone know of any hire game studios that are up to such a task?

I have already secured $50 a month but I want to do a Crowdfunding campaign and need a budget to develop the MVP.