Looking for Blender pro and others looking to help make game

I’m going to make a MMORPG and need someone to help make the 3D graphics.

And i might could use another coder/scripter

post here or PM me if you would like to be a part or know more about the game.

another mmorpg… welcome in the club. would already make 3 “teams” which uses a mmorpg framework.
people form the other 2 projects are hanging around in the panda irc-channel.

feel free to drop by. you might find that a lot of uncomfortable work is already done or beeing done right now. right now those 2 others teams are working on a framework which provides ready to use networking and world editing stuff and some other basic stuff. it’s not finished yet but makes good progress every day.

well about your game^^ i already programm my own mmorpg but i’m intrested in your ideas :slight_smile:

yeah i forgot my login so i cant go to that lol

ehehe lol, you can register again 0.o

anyways i am LEARNING blender :> ,
i am also intereste din this 3D game

No thx dog and anyone else?