Looking for a model with some animations


I’m a programmer not a modeler. I’m creating a server that will work with Panda (not written in Panda or Python). Right now my character (a Ralph) can attack a mob (a Ralph or a panda) and engage in combat, but they just stand there and the combat proceeds with just messages to a chat window. It is tough to design and write a system for feeding the current animation state from the server to the client if you don’t have any animations to play.

Does anyone have a model with some basic animations that I can use? Are there any other animations for Ralph besides walk and run?

Even just one more animation that I could use as a place holder would be really useful (attack, bow, clap, anything).

Is there any way to take Ralph’s eggs and import it back into a 3d program and create new animations for it?

I’m really hoping not to have to learn how to model at this point. I’d rather focus on what I know how to do and get my server farther along.

Thanks in advance,
P.S. I downloaded a free male and female model that I found and loaded them into Blender. They were naked and anatomically correct. I don’t think that my wife would appreciate me using these models. For the sake of my marriage, please help me out! :slight_smile:

if you ain’t nothing against blender, here you have it
beside, it is rigged to work with the cmu mocap project BVH files (more info in the .blend source) therefore you’ll find there all the animations you can even imagine.
(lolling at your marriage issues) if you need specific animations just ask me and i’ll try to provide you


I don’t have anything against Blender, I just don’t know how to use it.

I looked at the model, and it doesn’t have any bones. It looks like I’m off to figure out to give him a spine, and then make him fidget (idle), walk, run, and attack.


The Chicken documentation has a link to a model with bones and a walk animation. This gives me a great place to start! I was able to export this model and see it in PView. Now I just need to learn how to make more animations.

If you have Chicken, search the documentation for “test model” and you should find a link to the model.

Of course, any other models would be great too, but this provides me what I need.


the link I provided you got a whole rigged character, with bones (click ~ into a 3d window to see all the objects of all layers), bounded vertexes with the bones and a couple of animations.
I’ll try to provide you decent idle, run and walk animations already exported - attack I don’t think I know what you mean to be unless you’ll be more specific.
Besides, if you don’t know how to use blender you may find the user’s manual here.


Ok, I see the skeleton now.

I was able to get the Fleur model to export and work with her walking animation in PView, but I can’t get slim-panda to show up in PView.

What should I select in Outliner? I’ve tried selecting various combinations of Armature, actor_slim, slots_closet, and warddrobe (and then click Update Selection), but nothing is showing up in PView. I’ve got egg2bam and pview selected, but not eqq-optchar.

If I try to call pview from a DOS window for slim-panda.egg, then I get a white outline of the panda, so it looks to me like the texture is not being found.

Oh, and I’m just looking for a simple attack animation like punch. Anything will do.


In pview from a command window, hitting the “L” key in pview caused the model to show up correctly.

Pview in Chicken still isn’t displaying the model at all.

forget the wardrobe - you just got to focus on the Armature and slim-panda objects. To know how to export an actor with animations you got to invoke the chicken exporter and click help, anyway, in general, the process is:

  1. select the armature object (while in object mode)
  2. switch to the animation datablock (dropdown list above) and select the animation you want in the action editor.
  3. select slim-panda mesh (while in object mode)
  4. invoke the chicken exporter
  5. while there add just one animation, give it a name, define starting and ending frame and fps speed then click export.
    If you need the animation in a separate file, just click the toggle button single file to set it off.
    About the pviewer: you got to press L to lit the scene to see the panda with colors because he ain’t UV texture, plus, if you export the egg as a single file you won’t see the animation, but if you save the animation as a separate file you’ll see Slim moving, go figure.

i provided you a cleaned .blend without the exceeding fuss and with a punch action either (quite raw but just to let you have some fun fixing it)
you may snatch it here


Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for.

I was able to extract out a bunch of animations from the ones that slim panda has. My server expects the same naming convention that Chicken outputs, so it automatically picked up the model and the animations, and linked the animations to the model. I was then able to update one of my player templates to use the slim_panda model and then create a character and log in with that character.

  1. = “models/slim_panda-combatIdle”
  2. = “models/slim_panda-combatStart”
  3. = “models/slim_panda-idle”
  4. = “models/slim_panda-jump”
  5. = “models/slim_panda-punch”
  6. = “models/slim_panda-soccerKick”
  7. = “models/slim_panda-walk”
  8. = “models/slim_panda”
    . “A”)
    . . “combatIdle”) = 9
    . . “combatStart”) = 10
    . . “idle”) = 11
    . . “jump”) = 12
    . . “punch”) = 13
    . . “run”) = 15
    . . “soccerKick”) = 14
    . . “walk”) = 15

I just have one remaining problem, the model is showing up as the white outline in the game. I believe that this is due to the lack of a light source in the game. Is that right?

I’m using the Roaming Ralph sample world right now (combined with the networking example connected to my server) and I just have the world.egg file and not the original source file, so I don’t think that I have an easy way to add a light source.

How can I make the slim_panda show up correctly in Roaming Ralph?


Edit P.S. The white panda is not a huge deal. Worst case scenario I use it like it is. I’ve got what I need for now, which is a model with multiple animations. I can tell what animations the albino panda is performing.


if you don’t want to texture the panda mesh in blender, just add this code to the RR world and you’ll able to lit the bleached panda:

    # *** Setup lighting
    dlight = DirectionalLight('dlight')
    dlight.setColor(VBase4(lightLevel, lightLevel, lightLevel, 1))
    dlnp = render.attachNewNode(dlight.upcastToPandaNode())

    alight = AmbientLight('alight')
    alight.setColor(VBase4(0.2, 0.2, 0.2, 1))

PS: albino panda?
LOLLLL :laughing:

Thanks, this worked.

Of course, now I have mood lighting. So how do I get a disco ball and a strobe light in? Ralph and Slim Panda feel like getting jiggy.

More seriously, now that I have animations to use, I’ve realized how much complexity I’ve left out. Time to implement a finite state machine in the client and something similar on the server. I’m also trying to write my server so the core is somewhat generic and not tied to my game, but that opens up even more complexity!

Oh well. Back to coding.


hope you’ll show us some of your work later
keep up