look speedy


Always working on a spaceship game.
I wish to give speed sensation to user. I saw somethign on another game that is pretty good, but I don’t know how to render it using panda.
In fact, there was lot of asteroid ashes coming front of us. I think that they use lot of billboard, with tiny semi transparent pictures, put at random front of user. So when it moves forward, user goes through billboards pictures, and more he is speedy, …

Technically, I don’t see how to start this…

Sounds like a particle system would work?

Put a particle system in front of the ship, fire the particles in the opposite direction of the movement vector. Set the particle speed to match the ship speed.

In the panda3d samples, load up the particle sample and try out the line renderer. That might be fairly close.

I never use particle system.

CAn you programatically decrease and increase particle speed, until zero for example?

Have you some example?

Have you taken a look at this: