Login Issues


I have to admit that I do have login problems recently.
Whenever I try to login, it kicks me back out to the login page. When I login then again, it works.

This is not a big deal, but I am loosing the whole (and to me quite useable) function that shows you new posts in another colour.

Were there changes in the config of the forums lately?

I am having the issue at different computers - all running Firefox 2.0.14

Regards, Bigfoot29

I use Firefox 2.0.14 also. I have just checked it, login works fine for me.

This “only” seems to happen when you try logging in using panda3d.org - when logging in from panda3d.net it works like a charm.


Regards, Bigfoot29

True, there are problems. When I try to login from panda3d.org, it simply redirects me to the forum index page of panda3d.net without logging in.

No, this is what actually happens:
If you log in to panda3d.org, it will save your login cookie as panda3d.org, but then bring you to panda3d.net, where you are not logged in yet. So, you need to either relogin to panda3d.net to get a login cookie for panda3d.net saved, or manually browse to panda3d.org.

what means that the forum links from panda3d.org should already redirect to panda3d.net?

Would at least solve the problem the “easy way” :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Absolutely not. I use .org myself and am not the only one. The login page just needs to login to either a relative path or use the PHP variable $_SERVER[“SERVER_NAME”], instead of a fixed absolute panda3d.net.

Maybe this is a hint then :smiley:

So whoever has access to the code itself minds taking a look into it?

Regards, Bigfoot29

yeah loosing unseen posts once in a while is annoying. And also my icon-aviatar has dissapeard about 4 times now.