Is there a way to define your own LODs for an Actor and Model?

I made a simple building Model and noticed how the FPS strained a little at far distance, facing the building.

Yes you can have load levels for your nodes.
You can also have them preset in your egg files. What is your modeler?

I have know idea of how to write the code for an Actor or Model LODs.

Part of what was causing some frame loss was the setBlend mode.

I had know idea that was so exspensive. I wish I knew the proper way to add LODs to Actors and Models, that should really create a constantly, solid fps.

get it while it’s hot! hell hot!

[A Great LODNode Example)

      # *** Setup models 
      lodNode = NodePath(FadeLODNode('lod')) 

      lod0 = loader.loadModel("Low") 
      lodNode.node().addSwitch(999999, 4)

      lod2 = loader.loadModel("Mid") 
      lodNode.node().addSwitch(3, 2) 

      lod3 = loader.loadModel("High") 
      lodNode.node().addSwitch(2, 0)

Ah, you proved what I was thinking! I was wondering if you had to create the LODs yourself or if the Engine generated them.

Oh man…don’t want to see you get hit by Panda’s “drop offs.” Palp, shoot me a private email sometime and I can give you some pointers on avoiding Panda’s fury.

I’ve been cutting through this Panda Engine like a bat out of hell lately and noticed it’s not as powerful as other Engines I see in use, in some areas; but it’s faster than previous engines I’ve used overall.

The commercial title I’m building is looking great right now. I’m able to render a number of considerably high modeled characters and keep it all at max fps. Once I learned a bit more about Panda’s “drop offs” I was able to construct more safely.


Thanks Bsemail! I will email you later. Would love to see your Game as well.

What fury o.o;?

What are the so call “drop offs” that you are talking about?

You can do either or… You can set up yours like that example above, or make them on your own from your editor.