LOD nodes and Blender/Chicken

I don’t see any mention of this in Chicken, so I am assuming that it currently cannot generate switch conditions in Eggs for us.

If not, what’s a common method people are using to work around this?

Whilst you were correct that Chicken had no LOD support when you wrote your post I am afraid that is no longer the case - just added it;-) Theory says you should be able to download R81 from the sourceforge site, unfortunatly it is having one of its moods and, whilst I’ve uploaded the new release and told it it is the new release, it is still showing the old file. I’m going to leave it a while longer before I start jumping up and down on them.

For when you do manage to get a copy I’ve put an example of how to use this feature in the tests directory, called export-lod.blend, which you can get from http://chicken-export.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/chicken-export/trunk/tests/

Its now up on sourceforge - the update just appears to have had gone into a black hole for a few hours. Tell me if you have any issues.

Oh, hey, awesome, I didn’t expect this.

I just tested it with the export-lod.blend and it’s working perfectly!

Thanks a great bunch. :slight_smile: