LOD : generation Egg


For the moment, I don’t have graphical artists in my team, because I got lot of work on the core, before the game can be reliable.

I am using some free models from the web, and I convert them into egg.

My problem is that the models are in high poly.
I wish to have same models on low poly to use LOD functionnality, and I wish to be able to use trimesh.
But trimesh mustn’t be used with high levels of details for performance reasons.

I look at OGRE engine, and there is a functionnality allowing this : http://www.ogre3d.org/docs/api/html/classOgre_1_1Mesh.html#aee0bf1b9c384b31f18d8e5b307df1832

Is there something like that in panda? or somebody develop it?

There is not, though many 3d modelling programs will have this function either natively or through a plugin, so you could do it beforehand.

In Blender there is a filter called decimate. You change the slider from 1.0 (beig all vertices) to 0.0 (being no vertices) and then apply it, so you can make the model as low poly as you need.