LOD actors

I’ve done actors and I’ve done LOD. I don’t see how to do LOD actors though. What’s the right way to do this?

Short example:

a = Actor(
    { '3000' : "model-3000.egg",
      '6000' : "model-6000.egg" },
    { "walk" : "walk.egg",
      "run" : "run.egg"},
a.setLOD('6000', 60, 0)
a.setLOD('3000', 500, 60)

Store each LOD in a different model file, then load them up with a dictionary of model names, as in the example above. The name of each LOD is arbitrary; in the above example, the name is roughly the number of polygons. “hi”, “med”, “low” are also common choices.

After you have created the Actor, you call setLOD() to specify the switch distance of each level of detail.


got to be noted that if inside the actor character animation the mesh moves changing his distance from the lens, actually the lod system is not aware of that therefore there is no LOD change in that case - it is detected just for node movements.