Localization (Multiple Languages)

This is a snippet I took from a game I’m working on. It allows for multiple languages to be used in one program.

Here it is.

To add a language, first create a folder in /locale and name it something like ‘fr’.

Then edit langs.txt by adding a new line, first with the name of the language, then a pipe character (’|’), then the abbreviation.

Finally, in example.py, change the variable ‘lang’ to the name of the new language.

the site seems to be no longer available :frowning:
i get a 404 error

Sorry, I deleted it. Lack of feedback suggested it was not being downloaded.

EDIT: prattgaming.com/games/domini … zation.zip

Link is down for this one too.

Need to copy & paste, host goes crazy over off-site links.