loadModel collada and texture

I’ve got a problem with loadModel and collada.
With a hand-made collada file, that validate the coherency_checker:

If I do:

os.system('dae2egg -o %s %s' %(egg_file, dae_file)
foo = loader.loadModel(egg_file)

the model works without problem.

but if I do

foo = loader.loadModel(dae_file)

My model appear without any texture.

I’ve check both file, the path to the texture are the same.

I thought that dae2egg and the loader used the same code ?

On some related news, I’ve just found this bug with the collada but I don’t know if it’s only with the collada:

I have a file that reference other file that reference texture.
All these reference are in relative folder:


in the folder 'root'
     foo.dae which use './model/bar.dae'

in root/model/
           bar.dae which use '../texture/foobar.png'

in root/texture/

If I load bar.dae in pview, everything fine.
but if I load foo.dae in pview, bar appear in it (like it should) but without texture ( fully blank)

I supposed that the path from the texture in bar.dae is taken from the wrong folder ( root instead of root/model) ?