Loading text to Screen fails

I’m trying to load some text to the screen and I get this error
Assertion failed: !first_glyph->is_whitespace(), file c:\buildslave\sdk-windows-amd64\build\panda\src\text\textAssembler.cxx, line 1630

Any clue what that might mean or what to do about it?

Which version of Panda3D are you using? I believe this was already fixed in the development builds.

I’m using 1.10.0. I’m wondering if its an issue with my visual studio download

It works fine when I just manually input a text to print on the screen however it only fails when I scrap a word document which is feed into an array…pretty weird

Please clarify which precise build number you downloaded. There has not been a 1.10.0 release of Panda3D yet, so you must be using a pre-release version, so saying you are using 1.10.0 is not sufficiently precise.


from panda3d.core import PandaSystem


That is a build from september last year. Could you try updating to a more recent development build?

Is that a matter of simply installing a specific Panda3d version?

Yes, just grab a more recent SDK download from the Panda3D website, under the “devel” version tag.

Note that recent builds of Panda3D are compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, not 2010 as past versions. You mentioned you were using Visual Studio, so this may be relevant.

Thanks for your help!