Loading models in the background


I want to load models in the background, to implement a large world streaming mechanism.

I tried using loadModel with a callback, e.g.

self.secondModel = loader.loadModel("models/panda-model.egg", callback = self.loadcallback) 

but that didn’t give the desired result, because the version of panda I use (1.3.2 on win32) isn’t compiled for multithreading, and thus the loading isn’t truly done in parallel.
Is there any other method I can use?

I read in some other posts that a future version of panda will be threadsafe, any estimates on the time of arrival?

Otherwise, I would need to recompile panda myself, to enable the multithreading, right?



same question from me,too :slight_smile:
well i had my eye on AsyncTask but i dont know if that’s the way to goo either.

Currently, you’ll have to compile your own Panda to get these multithreading-capable interfaces. Same with the AsyncTask object.

I don’t know when the next version of Panda will be released, and whether it will have the threading abilities turned on. Only Josh can answer that one. :slight_smile: