loading models full scalability

this is not a bug report but rather a proposal or a requirement I guess useful for everybody:
actually the model/actor loaders scale well when I specify the model name without extension just for .egg and .egg.pz but not for .bam that is not considered for loading unless I specify that extension in the model name. It would be great that the loaders would try to load first the .bam then the .pz if the .bam is not found and as a last resort the .egg

When no extension is supplied, .egg is assumed by default.
If you want .bam, put this in Config.prc:

default-model-extension .bam

… or just enable the model-cache, then .egg files will be cached in .bam after loading, so you won’t have the problems of slow loading (after the first time, that is)

I knew that there already is a caching like that but in memory - I need a bam cache on hard disk: is that what you’re referring to? and if so how can I put on that?

On disk. The idea is: you load an .egg file once, Panda will store the .bam file on disk somewhere. The next time you load that .egg file (and it is unmodified), panda will load the .bam file from disk instead.

On Windows, it’s already enabled by default. On Linux, put this in your Config.prc:

model-cache-dir /home/yourdir/pandacache

or whatever directory you have write access to (I chose for /var/cache/panda3d myself).
(Note that you have to create that directory first.)

now that was precisely what I was talking about - thankya!