Loading .egg models outside of Panda 3D

Hello. I wonder if it is possible to use .egg loader to load and display .egg models inside of PyOpenGL? If yes, waht are the steps to achieve it?

It’s theoretically possible, I suppose. It depends on how much of Panda you want to avoid using. Using the EggData API would prevent you from having to make your own parser, using the model loader would prevent you from having to build up all the VBOs manually etc.

It’d be quite a sizable undertaking to make a viewer that would display .egg models without using any of the Panda3D libraries.

You might be better off writing a converter from .egg to glTF and make a viewer for that, I think.

I don’t need to avoid Panda libraries at all. Less work is better. I want to build an application with PyQt that supports OpenGL out of the box, and be able to display models, move them in 3d space, scale, and rotate. Is it achievable by pure Python?

Please, don’t overlook my question as it is Panda 3D-related. Though it may seem it is not. My primary question is: is it achievable with only Python programming? Because if not, I will have to use the whole Panda engine, load it in different thread than PyQt and make them communicate somehow. EggData API is a C class, so I guess not?

It is possible, but difficult, and I can’t imagine a use case that would justify the amount of work that would be required.

Thank you for the answer. I’ll take a different approach then.